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Avenue of the Volcanoes

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8.Kelvin Olivo(non-registered)
Hello Jeff,
Being on one of those hikes with you several years back as we climbed Cotopaxi with a couple of Devildogs was an amazing experience. As I look at your pictures, I can clearly see how much your talent and passion have developed over the years. Keep up the good work.
7.Julie Hurd(non-registered)
I'm looking forward to a large format hummingbird print gracing my wall! Not only have you been to incredible places and seen amazing things, you've captured it all so beautifully with your camera. Great stuff, Ansel Adams!
*Fantastic* photos! I see a new career for you Jeff.
Thanks for sharing!
Hi to everyone from Anne & Tracy!
5.Eric Placzek(non-registered)
Bery nize work Jeffe!
4.Eric Carlson(non-registered)
Jeff, you are an awesome photographer and continue to excel in the art every year. You need to turn this into a business!
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